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  1. driver side door panel
  2. TOD Troubles (Video)
  3. Vibration at 60 mph (tires balanced already)
  4. CV Boot checks?!?!
  5. Battery constantly dying
  6. meet me in atlanta ga
  7. what axle part is this?
  8. heater not working rigbt
  9. 2001 VX Blowing Engine Fuse
  10. High Idle suddenly =/
  11. Transmission/clutch problem -- VX bucks!
  12. passing emissions with an Evap Check Engine Light
  13. how to know when to replace shocks, springs?
  14. wheel weights question
  15. Pulstar Iridium spark plug ok to use?
  16. Vx sunroof trouble!!!
  17. trans slipping
  18. Where is the PCM Fuse?
  19. TOD issue... maybe!
  20. EGR and PCV vs Oil Consumption
  21. Ignition Switch Lock Cylinder...Urgent
  22. Dome Light doesn't turn on with driver door
  23. Tire Kingdom replaced front calipers/rotors/pads, now I have ABS light. Any advice?
  24. front end noise
  25. Drive Shaft Rebuilding
  26. Engine smoking/coolant everywhere...
  27. 2001 VX Shop & Electrical troubleshooting Manuls
  28. Very wet carpet pass. side Solved
  29. Passenger Side Wet Carpet Part II
  30. how to check abs codes
  31. Transmission Failure
  32. Car Fax ?
  33. need info for both side tie rod ends
  34. Hot Rim, Burning Smell
  35. Engine transplant
  36. Need Help TOD & ABS codes
  37. recall rodeo rear suspension
  38. Gas leak
  39. Help & Tips Re: No Spark
  40. Using a lot of oil
  41. need help to find the Window regulator both side or Window regulator cable
  42. My VX exhaust system just fell apart! what do I do?
  43. Puncture in leather seat
  44. No Brakes, Help
  45. High Pressure Power Steering Hose Installation
  46. Taking a few cranks to get started
  47. I installed an in-line thermostat
  48. Pull to the left after lift...
  49. Need Help... CV/axle question
  50. Rear window shattered
  51. front speed sensor
  52. ? about Diff brackets
  53. Engine Idle and Stalling Problem
  54. Best Screw-Out Solution for License Plate Bulb Covers?
  55. Antifreeze leak
  56. Help with Ventillation system??
  57. licence plate light fuse
  58. Trans fluid??
  59. need help stat!!!
  60. Front and rear (rear) driveshaft joints are different?
  61. Hissing engine bay? oil everywhere? uughhh..PLEASE HELP
  62. re abs sensor?
  63. p040 even with new egr
  64. '99 Vehicross Engine Knock / Engine Replacement Suggestions
  65. fuel problem
  66. Water under inlet manifold
  67. VX Air Box Shared with Trooper or Rodeo?
  68. Differential Fluid dripping from breather hose
  69. A/C Condenser Fan - Where can I find it?
  70. Reattach Cladding bracket
  71. Need Help with License Plate LEDs
  72. help p0401
  73. This is a weird A/C Rev's issue!!!
  74. headlights delaminating
  75. Cladding coding
  76. LED Tail Light Bulb Replacement
  77. Coolant Leak, Alternator Died... NEED HELP!
  78. TOD, ABS Woes. Yay
  79. Driver's Tail light guard- NEED INPUT
  80. What causes This !!
  81. I fixed the rust at my rear wing attachment points
  82. Timing Belt Problems
  83. MAP sensor
  84. Question for the Sea Foamers
  85. Help: Sudden strong smell of gasoline
  86. rattle is driving me nuts
  87. Name these leaks.....please
  88. VX Climate Controller
  89. Having trouble removing shocks.. HELP
  90. Has anyone done the steering fluid change before?
  91. Need help with airbag change
  92. What Temp?
  93. Tod Perfect Timing To Fail!! Help!
  94. Overheating while towing? Low weight.
  95. Transmission Slipping
  96. Motor replacement
  97. Mice taking over inside- HELP??
  98. Trans Oil Overheating light popped on. Opinions on service?
  99. Wire for window Snapped!
  100. window problem
  101. TOD with large tires question...
  102. a/c compressor noise
  103. Tranny rebuild and TOD
  104. Neutral Safety Switch??
  105. Cross member fit issues..AFTER diff drop...HELP!
  106. Question on Timing Belt Change Issue - Bart?
  107. Any SC owners change your thermostat?
  108. Suggestions for Leveling Out Suspension?
  109. Trans going down the tube.
  110. engine light
  111. eaton m62
  112. Merlin's number?
  113. Catalytic Converter - Replace Myself?
  114. A pillar repair
  115. engine issues
  116. CV's and Bearings
  117. trans pan removal
  118. cleaning egr
  119. Power Button Issue
  120. OLD VX HITCH Identification & Re-Installation Help PLEASE!
  121. Weird problem with Brake light and OBDII
  122. Running Rich! white exhaust during cold startup
  123. Overheating w/the AC on full blast in stop and go traffic
  124. Need help for power steering gear box
  125. radiator to transmission hoses leaking
  126. No Power (12 volt)
  127. OEM P0440 troublecode
  128. rear brakes just replaced, but car kept going!
  129. intermittent a/c
  130. Brake caliper assembly - extra rubber part?
  131. Rear end chirp.
  132. rear end noise when coming to a stop
  133. thumping while going uphill
  134. O2 and MAF sensor question
  135. a/c
  136. a/c compressor
  137. Weird problem
  138. Tie Rod Question / upgrade recommendations
  139. Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Connector Colors? Shoulda Had a Lift/ Most Expensive Garbage
  140. a/c condensor
  141. Where to get VX serviced
  142. Loud
  143. 1870 trans slipping code. Crap
  144. Idle rev issue- No solution yet...
  145. best place to buy mode selector switch??
  146. Replacing radiator...which one?
  147. aftermarket radiator?
  148. another rough idle problem
  149. Idle + TOD problem. +VIDEO. PLZ HELP!!!
  150. TOD CODES, 14 and 24
  151. a/c fluxuating between cool and cold to warm.
  152. a/c compressor
  153. Mode selector replace
  154. 99 Astral, nw to me, multiple problems....Any Suggestions?
  155. TOD Issues - Random 4lo when on Auto
  156. strange noises
  157. Brake issues
  158. intermittent rear vibration at 60mph
  159. Needed: Drivers side Window Glass
  160. Head light - Yellow Accent Bulb
  161. I need HELP PLEASE!
  162. Antifreeze / coolant leak... GRRRRRR!!!!
  163. What's the biggest tire that can fit on stock rim?
  164. ground for passenger side headlight??????
  165. Help: How to Replace fuel lines going to the fuel rails.
  166. A reliable source for parts.
  167. Fuel Flap/Lid Cover broken help needed
  168. Sick VX (engine blown) I want ideas :)
  169. transmission lines leaking
  170. TSB 00-01-s007
  171. diff drop
  172. mpg improved by computer chip
  173. Excessive whine and front end vibration after installing TOD-off switch
  174. check engine ckeck tranny light
  175. front end grind
  176. Major Transmission malfunction! Was fine, now barely made it home 2 miles!
  177. Reading and clearing codes on-the-fly...
  178. cv axle replacement
  179. Noise from below
  180. 3rd cross member, removal aborted, broke 2 bolt heads, still good?
  181. Fan/Part Under Glove Compartment Ac
  182. Shock squeeking
  183. Transmission Shifting issue: need help please
  184. Filled up transmission, fluid poured outta drivers side radiator
  185. Part Number for Rubber Hood Adjusters
  186. suspension settling?
  187. Steering wheel tilted. How do I adjust?
  188. Help with fitting Rear 6x9's
  189. All back together; fresh fluid/new intercooler, won't shift, slips bad after takeoff
  190. brake issue
  191. Vibration / Noise when accelerating
  192. LUCASE Oil : Ttrasnission Additive, anti slip,leak, claims alot for $11bucks
  193. LUCAS OIL TRANNY FIX ADDITITVEL feedbak please!!!
  194. Gear Whine, is it normal??
  195. A weekend of fluids...
  196. torsion bar
  197. Ironman hood emblem has come loose
  198. Hood insert loose
  199. Transmission Rebuild in Progress: I'm in the really school now for VX OWNERS! WANTED!
  200. revving engine
  201. Sub in the Tailgate
  202. Engine is blown, please help me decide what to do..... :-(
  203. Rear Diff Problems
  204. rear spoiler rattle?
  205. O2 sensor change
  206. 2005 Durango ABS Control Module Fits
  207. Need help with finding issue...
  208. wont start
  209. VX Broken Into!
  210. Airbag Light Issue
  211. Shop Manual
  212. Transfer Case plug removal
  213. Power Steering Hose replacement question
  214. Engine Knock
  215. Turn signal on when braking??
  216. ABS Unit - I can't believe this worked!
  217. Cadding warped on rear door
  218. VX died Help....
  219. Ball Joints - Upper and Lower
  220. Body Mounting Bolt Part Number
  221. ABS...Is this the beginning of the end
  222. Compressing caliper pistons
  223. Help with replacing Brake Lines
  224. Need speed sensor for transfer case..where?
  225. FOB range
  226. House vs. aftermarket "brand" name front wheel bearings. (opinions wanted)
  227. newly installed engine won't start
  228. How big are your balls?
  229. VX A/C Compressor issue need help!!
  230. VX Electrical Poltergeist caught on video
  231. Help, cooling system not circulating
  232. Doing headgaskets, anything else i should do why im in there?
  233. TOD and/or Transmission in need of help!!!!
  234. Replacing AC Compressor - Help
  235. Vcross newbie wanting info
  236. Fan Blade Replacement woes
  237. Got a problem - bent tailgate door :-(
  238. Exhaust flange gasket
  239. Anti Lock Brakes
  240. Oil Pressure Sensor?
  241. TOD/Transmission Help?
  242. need fender
  243. Went in for a timing tensioner change. Leaving with a junked engine
  244. Transmission Pan Leak
  245. MF! VX Kaput
  246. Can't find a Serpentine Idler Pulley
  247. rebuilt engine truck will not run need help
  248. TOD Check Light Flashing
  249. Yay, my first CEL!
  250. Need help with Manual Locking Hub Install