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Thread: Disable Factory Alarm

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    Disable Factory Alarm

    Hi Guys. I got a ticket for an alarm that didn't turn off and unplugged the horn. I'd like to disable the alarm so it doesn't turn on automatically when you close the door.

    Thanks so much.

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    Drivers side. Under the dash. Far left side. There a box with a tiny green button inset and a large plug with lots of wires going into it. Unplug the wires.
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    Wouldn't that disable the keyless too?

    In this post, I think you'll find the schematic for the box mentioned by Thelgord. If the alarm is indeed malfunctioning/bad, you might try disconnecting the alarm/horn you can retain keyless operation. I haven't thought about it much so that's just a knee-jerk suggestion. The thread is about adding a rear door popper so the circuit may be detailed -- creating more ideas.

    If it's going off constantly, I'd wonder if you have a door jam switch on the fritz?

    Also...I notice instructions for programming in this ebay case that helps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AssyrianMe
    ....I'd like to disable the alarm so it doesn't turn on automatically when you close the door.
    Also, that's not how mine works. There's no "passive arming". The door has to be shut and I have to press the lock/unlock button on my key fob to get the system to arm. If the door is open, a LONG LOUD continuous tone goes off that will annoy you for days! LOL

    The alarm sound is different.

    I wonder if disconnecting the battery would reset everything....if there's not a door jam switch issue.

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    Disconnecting battery would likely reset, I pulled my own alarm and installed a Compustar alarm/start system so I do have a spare oem alarm. If you unplug alarm you’ll not be able to start as there is a starter kill on them that goes through the brain (without wiring mods) on my 2001. Factory alarm on these things is pretty simple, it appeared as it only triggers with front doors and ignition, so errors are limited to that. I’d “assume” (without poking around your truck with a meter) errors would be from a faulty door trigger, likely drivers because it’s used significantly more.
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