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Thread: Project VXOverLand

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    Didn't see this earlier, but the McGard site has an application finder. Typed our info in and found this:
    There are a few styles to choose from, but the ones that I bought were part no. 64015 (black bulge cone seat style lug nut set). For the wheel locks I got part no. 24026 (black cone seat wheel lock set with key). I have had these lug nuts and wheel locks on for I can't remember how long (8-years?) and I have been out to Moab with them for at least 6-years so I know they work.

    Whichever way you go, if you are using stock rims, you will need cone seat lug nuts/ wheel locks with M12 x 1.5 thread size.

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    I have been transitioning to noght shift over the last week or so. On Monday I am on nights full time, but only for two weeks then back to day shift. What a PITA.

    Anywho, thanks for all the info on the lug nuts! For now I am not running any locking lug, but it is something I will need to buy.

    What I did get done was change out both of my blown rear speakers. Nothing fancy, just some 40W speakers from Walmart. This is fine as my little Chinese head unit maxes out at only 25 watts anyway. The real kicker though? The previous owner cut about 3 inches out of the bottom of the metal plate the speaker mounts in on the drivers side. No idea why. There was also a lot of plastic cone shaped things that were obviously cut up by hand just laying behind the panel, and two dried out walnuts. Weird.
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    I hope the wal-trash speakers last more than 5 years. It's not a function of RMS vs the head unit. It's a function of build materials and a resistance to decay/dry-rot over time. That's why those clarion OEM speakers are crap. Paper cones and foam surrounds will rapidly deteriorate. That's why I went with the Pioneer's.

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    Completely agree. Then again I don’t know this VX has 5 years of life left. I am trying to keep the mechanical part good, no skimping there, so the budget needs shaved elsewhere.

    I did, finally, get my switch bezel installed in the lower dash and double USB ports. I put one at each far end and tapped them from the cigarette lighter plug. The only I use it for is to power my satellite radio receiver, only 1.1 amps, the lighter has its own 15 amp fuse so I should be good. I wanted two sets, one on each side, to make it easier for the driver and passenger to access them. I still need to get a switch for my light bar and other items.

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