View Full Version : Level ride height

05/25/2003, 11:24 AM
I measured the distance on my VX from the peak of the wheels wells to the ground, and was surprised that the driver's side (both front and back wheels) was about 1/2 inch higher than passenger side. Is this normal for a stock VX?

I did this before installing new tires, and cranking the torsion bar a couple of turns the same on each side. Not surprisingly, both sides of the front raised equally (driver's side still 1/2 inch higher).

Should I try to level the ride height by adjusting the torsion bar, or is it supposed to be a little higher on the driver's side?
Thanks for the help. Rob A.

05/25/2003, 12:23 PM
Good question, My was the same. I could see the passenger side being higher to compensate for road crowning. Maybe they in Japan for go that we drive on the other side of the road ;) Or maybe they are compensating for the fact that there is almost always a driver in the truck and the springs sag???

Anyone with better ideas? Andy454?