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Thread: Green Vehicross on ebay

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    Green Vehicross on ebay

    Seen a green Vehicross on ebay 60K miles, in Bournemouth, listed under Isuzu 2500...not much detail from the current owner....looks clean and tidy though.

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    green ebay vx...

    Just to let people know whether or not to take the journey if they were interested in the vehicle...

    I saw/drove this VX, the brakes were spongy, the engine was misfiring under load, the bodywork was ok but the plastics have been hand painted by brush and not that well. The bonnet panel is blistered quite badly. The interior is missing some small bits of trim and the window switches from the passengers door. Also there is no history with the vehicle at all. If you want a cheap VX and you are happy to fix the niggles then I guess it could be a good buy for someone but it was not the car for me. The guy selling the car is helpful and honest and is selling off some vehicles that belonged to somebody who passed away as a favor to the family. I think the car has been sitting for some time but as I said if you are willing to put a bit of time into it you could probably get it for a good price and the issues that need fixing are not too bad...

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    I see the green VX in Bournemouth is relisted at a higher price, and a lifted VX newly listed on ebay looks very 'chunky'

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