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Thread: Gutted!! Spinal Surgery Means My Vx Is Up For Sale

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    is the car still for sale ?

    Quote Originally Posted by KISSMYAURA! View Post
    BAD NEWS!!

    I have been informed I must have spinal fusion surgery in the next few months so no more 4x4 fun for me
    It is highly likely I will not be allowed to drive manuals so my beloved Triumph Spitfire is up for sale also.

    The VX is well known I am sure, it was Alterastro's!

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    Whats strange, my wife had a fusion of her L4 and L5 a few years ago. She preferred to ride in the VX over the car because it was easier to step up into the truck than to crouch down and get into a car. Now that she has mostly healed, she wheels her own truck, deals with the pain later Good luck with your surgery!

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    This post is over a year and a half old
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    Hi guys, newbie here.
    Bought my 1st vx the other week and I'm just trawling through the countless messages looking for tip, bit n bobs etc etc.
    Seems strange that a few vx owners have bad lower back (lol mines in bits
    Thing is the recaro seats actually help it! I'd a land rover defender before and holy crap if u didn't have back problems before u would have.
    Anyway fingers crossed my lovely shiny vx doesn't cause me any trouble cause I love it to bits :-)

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    this might help but we might have some cranial clearance issues for the taller owners - or just install a sunroof

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    EEEEEKKK!!! I don't get why so many of you think that back surgery = no more wheeling? As I posted, wife had a fusion of L4/L5, and is probably working on another surgery for the next set up, and she still manages to wheel. Gets shots in her back every few months, moderate exercise, and alternative pain management (relaxation techniques, breathing exercises etc...) and of course vicodin for the bad days. But she still wheels!! Of course, the trooper seats are way more comfortable than the VX seats, but stepping up into the vehicle is much easier than crouching down. I would also recommend getting rid of the OEM shocks and switch to the rancho 9000s so you can make the ride softer as you see fit. With back issues, the in cab remote control would be a good idea?

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