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Thread: Any VX owners in South West

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    Hey mates, throw some pics in here of your Brit VX's. Especially the '97 JDM.
    3" suspension lift, shocks: Rancho 9000, tires 33"x11.5", wheels 16"x8", offset= 0, no front sway bar

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    old thread!

    Quote Originally Posted by edhubble View Post
    Hi, sorry to pick up a really old thread but -a: I'm in the South West and -b: I uses to own a blue '97 JDM VX that was written off (@2007) and went to a breakers in Cornwall..
    Like I said, I know it's a very late response but I'd be interested to know if my old VX is out and about...
    I'm in Devon, btw, near Exeter.
    hi,I bought that from the salvage yard-damage to n/s door/pillar-kept it for a couple of years...nice bit of kit!

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