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11/19/2003, 06:35 AM
How come everytime i see a VX when i try to catch up to them they all run away from me like I'm "infected" like in the movie 28 days ...lol. I saw one in alington VA near crystal city. It was a white ironman one i think, and i swore he straight ran away from me as soon as i was catching up....lol, THEN i saw one on Indian head Hwy near my house, this one was silver...and i was able to get up next to him and he put on his brakes so that I wouldn't be side by side...Am i just parniod or what!!!:rolleyes:...then i saw that white one again near crystal city and he darn near floored it to get away then cut in the turning lane the last second.. I know he saw me cause i saw his head in the side mirror looking... I was like COME ON!! :eek:

All i want to do is see what mods, if any, they have...and say hi.... and tilt my hat off to fellow VXer.....:cool: Then again maybe its me... Only one time i was able to catch a Vxer and he was in the parking lot in crystal city near the best buy. He had the head light problem with his 99 and didn't even know about this site....well i told him about it...and he really liked my mods...said they looked like it came like that with my '00...:mbrasd: Other then that its been "Catch me if you can" and i am tom hanks...lol.

Yellow Patriot
11/19/2003, 07:53 AM
I've had the same problem here in El Paso. There's at last count maybe 4 in this area. Never spoke to any of them.

11/19/2003, 08:24 AM
...I have spotted at least 20 in the area between York PA and Nothern VA, and you are right, most tend to duck and run like a bat out of hell when spotted LOL. I can't explain this behavior, but I doubt if any are members of this site. Just proof you can be retarded AND have good taste I guess :rotate:

11/19/2003, 08:34 AM
As a matter a fact, there is a burgandy VX in town that I've seen several times and tried to stop to talk but to no avail. Maybe people who own VX's are just too busy to chat or just embarrassed because they know that you have one and they can't B.S. you about it. I really hope it's the first one. If anyone ever sees me, get my attention, I'll stop. See ya if I see ya!

11/19/2003, 08:44 AM
This happens to me time and again. I chalk it up to ignorance of the VX's rarity. Either that or the owners are plain arrogant. There are gobs of VXes in Atlanta - I personally know of 8 owners but there are probably 20-30 in this area. It's like chasing gophers or something...

-- John

nyc #1 ironman
11/19/2003, 12:50 PM
OOOOOH Man,,,, In NYC we practically cause a traffic pile up making u-turns to meet up and say hi to one another ! Most of the people here are friendly with the VX, especially on Staten Island which is the breeding ground for the VX. 13 VX's with-in the 12x17 mile island...

11/19/2003, 03:21 PM
Maybe it's because these things are just SO much darn fun to drive, we can't catch up! I know it would be hard to catch up to me! :D

11/19/2003, 05:21 PM
Originally posted by AnalogVX
Maybe it's because these things are just SO much darn fun to drive, we can't catch up! I know it would be hard to catch up to me! :D
I think that this is it, I don't know how many times Jay has told me "I saw you and tried to catch you but you were halling @$$"

11/19/2003, 06:20 PM
no, other VX owners do run. I have owned mine since Apr 24 of 2001 and in that time all the VX's in San Diego have literally ran away or acted like they didn't even see another VX...same in Tucson.
Get up beside them or pass by and they act like"Who Cares, So What Another VX"....serious. :confused:

11/19/2003, 06:24 PM
fact is, some dont care, its just a car for them :zzzb: , not a way of life like it is for some people :supercool

Jolly Roger VX'er
11/19/2003, 06:28 PM
I ran into a spoiled brat with a black VX at the dealership when I was getting an inspection. The dealership thought it was cool to pull our VX's out together and park them both in front of the showroom outside while we paid for our service. I asked him how he liked it and he just pi$$ed and moaned about gas mileage. I told him about this site and he acted like "so what". Personally, I hope he sells it to someone more personable.

11/19/2003, 06:39 PM
Hey, I wish he'd give it to me and go get himself a Toyota Prius like he should have in the first place.

BTW, those things take some getting used to. Rode in one my brother borrowed up in Hoboken, NJ, but at the time didn't pay it much attention. I saw one last week too - he was pulling into a spot and waiting for me to walk out of the way. He stopped to wait and it sounded like the engine died. When he began to roll again to pull in, there was no noise at all as it ran on electric. Kinda weird when you're not used to it.

I haven't had the fleeing VX moment yet. I had one not notice me as he went the other way. I had another that eventually did notice and was checking mine out in his mirrors, and waved back when I got alongside. I don't know, maybe some people are so intent on being the only VX around that they don't want to be caught dead next to another one because it makes them seem too common and makes theirs less special in their minds? Not me - I get a rush out of seeing another one... I'm like "Woohoo! Right on brother!" :-)

11/19/2003, 07:01 PM
It funny cuz working at Pep Boys I've seen 3 in the lsot couple of months. 1 Belongs to SpaceShip (Miguel) who is a great guy with Texas Plates. The 1st time he came by all the guys in the shop thought I was having work done to mine. Since his and mine are both Astral. They were asking me what I was getting done and when I told them I wasn't having anything done they were Yo why is it the bay? :laughy: then I checked it out and met Miguel and can say it's nice having a fellow Brother VX stop by. Then I saw a Proton with 20s as I was wlaking out getting ready to go home. He looked,:bwgy: and waved as he drove off never did stop but that was cool with me cuz it nice to see a VX bro give props. The last 1 I saw I heard about from everyone at work as being a jerk while driving It an Ironman with american flag decals on the side of the doors. I drove by him day honked gave a wave and all he did was try and seed up and cut off some lady to get on the highway. All I thought was I hope the VX Gods could forgive him for he knows not what he does.

2K1 1K2
11/19/2003, 09:17 PM
i've run across the same thing, too.
i've blown the horn, given thumbs up, flashed lights, pulled up next to 'em etc. only two of numerous seen have reciprocated (sp?). the way i see it - if they belonged to this family, they'd say "hi". i'd hate to think of anyone actually being arrogant, especially to a fellow vx'er - but, i guess that's possible! :(