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Thread: Caliper Mounting Bracket/Slide Pin

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    Caliper Mounting Bracket/Slide Pin

    Help, I need some part numbers for the passenger side rear caliper mounting bracker and slide pin. My local Isuzu dealer doesn't even know what a Vehicross is so says he can't order the parts. It's a JDM one not US - does that make a difference? Thanks.

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    Well, they say one picture is worth a 1000 words, but my scanner is broken so will try and use less then a 1000 words. Do you mean the bracket that the caliper actually mounts to and the 2 mounts bolts that attach it to that bracket. IF SO, they are:
    Support Bracket; 8970352600
    Mounting Bolt, upper; 8971608210
    Mounting Bolt, lower; 8971608230

    use or call Merlin at St. Charles, the number is listed here somewhere.

    hope this helps

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    The PINs you are asking about are p/n 8-97160-820-0 - upper and lower are the same. Be sure to use high temp brake grease on them to allow them to float or it will wear out one pad and potentially the rotor before you get notice.

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    I got new pins for both front and back at NAPA. They even listed it for the VX.

    As for the bracket, I got the broken part (I'm guessing the pin broke off on you) out by heating the outside of the pin area red-hot then slamming the face where the head of the pin would be against my vice. It wiggled out slowly until I could grab it with pliers.

    Worth a try anyways. Sometimes drilling out carefully with a drill bit smaller than the pin by 1/16" or so will release some of the tension and generally shake things loose enough you can get it out. You can always run a tap into the hollowed pin so you can use a bolt to pull it.

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