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    motor trend Classic......

    the magazine, did a cool write up of the vx called " Historys first (and last) fanged SUV." the write up is pretty complimentary of our vx's. and i found out that the fangs were origanaly hinges for a front opening hood. (huh, ght it was nice that in a magazine, that deals strictly with CLASSIC mobiles, and all of them over 20 yrs old basicly, that the guys consider a 6 to 8 yr old vx's classic already. actually they put "future classic, " but anyway, was wondering if anyone else got to read this? i will try to scan it, and post it. anyway, i felt pretty proud about the company they put our vxs with. of course we already knew.............

    ps, it was the march/april 2006 issue

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    Yup- was discussed some time back. For your reading pleasure (via search function)
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