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Thread: roofrack installation

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    Question roofrack installation

    I just purchased my 2000 VX, however the previous owner, for some reason, removed the roof racks and tow hitch, then left them in the back. How does one remove the clips from the roof rails so that the roof racks can be re-installed. I have left them alone since I did not want to incur damage by doing it the wrong way. Thanks for information.

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    The clips are quite easy to remove even by hands, I think I just pushed one side and the one was loose enough for the clip to come off. If that doesn't work, a flathead screwdriver is all that's needed. It's just that - a clip, no screws are holding it.
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    little jarring with a screwdriver!!

    Depending on the tolerance and the wear level of each roof rack (plastic tends to deform due to heat and other outdoor elements...!) It can be easy by hand or not!!!...So I suggest put some masking tape or a thin rag over the head of the flat head screwdriver(so you won't scratch the paint ...) and pry it open carefully!!!
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