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Thread: headlight gasket part numbers/replacement instructions?

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    headlight gasket part numbers/replacement instructions?

    Does anyone know the part numbers for the headlamp rubber gaskets? The last mechanic at Isuzu cut the gaskets on my VX and used black electrical tape to keep them from coming their hanging out all the time and I need to replace them. Thanks, Binger

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    Get some 1/4" half-round weather stripping, 3M adhesive and roll your own.
    Over 20 years of Isuzu enjoyment...

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    Thumbs up headlamp gaskets

    Just got a quote from St. Charles Auto for gaskets for my 2001.......... Left #8-97212-448-0.......Right #8-97212-447-0.
    List price $22.10, and there is an internet if you inquire online; (final cost $18.79 each). Their number is 1-800-727-8066.... Tone says, "Ask for Merlin."

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    does anyone have photos of what these gaskets are supposed to look like... i'm pretty sure my VX didnt have them at all when i bought it

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