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Thread: Fuel pump inoperative

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    Fuel pump inoperative

    I have a VX as well as a 92 Isuzu Amigo. My amigo fuel pump isn't getting juice from battery. I changed fuses and relay
    without any help. Does anyone know if Isuzu ever puts anything else on their vehicles that would cause the juice going to the fuel pump to cut out? I'm ready to tow it to the Isuzu dealer and you know what they are going to do to me.

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    You'd probabbly need a shop manual with vehicle specific wiring diagrams, but there is possibly a priming circuit and a "running" circuit.

    Is the fuel GAUGE reading correctly?

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    You might also want to post this ???? over on the Isuzu board at the 4x4wire
    Billy Oliver
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    Along with posting at the Wire, you could look for fusible links..
    Scott /

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    Wrench Fuel Pump Problems

    I replaced 4 fuel pumps and a sending unit and found out it was simply the wire connector at the gas tank. This is the connector that splits to the fuel pump and gas gauge. I simply cut it out and direct wired to the tank. No problems for 5 years.

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    VX fuel no signal to relay

    99 rhd jdm had no signal to fuel relays so i bypassed the system. From battery straight to fuel pump with a toggle switch on steering column.
    Been working fine for 2 years and gives me a hidden fuel cutoff switch as well.

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