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Thread: Anybody know the wiper arm part number ?

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    Anybody know the wiper arm part number ?

    I'd like to replace my weather faded wiper arms as opposed to painting them if the price is right. My local Ex-Isuzu dealer can only get Rodeo and Trooper parts (no Vehicross since they wern't sold in Canada, eh).

    If any one has a part number, or can tell me if a 19?? Rodeo wiper arms will fit the VX. Thanx.

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    I checked in to this at one point, don't remember the price but I do remember it made me just go back to painting them. Even the parts guy said "just paint them!"

    So I got some dark gray hammered finish spray paint, sanded them down and they look better than they did new I think.
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    I felt the same way you do in that I was opposed to re-painting mine too...but, I thought I'd try it first and if I wasn't happy THEN I'd order new in the previous post..I was very happy with how they turned out! I used both Rustoleum primer and then flat black Rustoleum paint and got very nice results..figure I spent about $4 per can and my time (bought paint&primer at Lowe's.) I just couldn't bear to show up for the VX-Plore Vermont Meet with weathered wipers!!!! LOL.

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    Thanks guys,
    I just might go for painting them then since it looks like you've had some good success. I was leary to paint them as I had an autobody shop repaint my rear wiper on my old Xterra (with other work) and two months later it was peeling again...

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