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Thread: Check these out

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    Check these out

    I'd go see this for laughs...

    More LOTR humor...

    Ya think they're a fan?

    Pretty neat idea here...

    Rock on dude...

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    Hey David....
    you just gave me a great idea what to do with that engine block I have sitting in the back yard.............awesome

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    Thumbs up

    Yeah, that V8 table is very nifty. Now I'll have to find a Detroit 12V71 block...
    Over 20 years of Isuzu enjoyment...

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    I had considered turning my dead OEM shocks into lamps. They would be perfect with that table.

    Love the 'Icy Hot Stuntaz' reference in the first pic.
    If you've never seen them, do a google of the above -true suburban trainwrecks.

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