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Thread: West Coast Caravan to Moab

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    West Coast Caravan to Moab

    After talking with several people from around Southern California I thought it might be the right time to start to organize the anual pigramage to Moab. Can I get a running count on who's really going from So Cal, what day are you planning on leaving, and would like to caravan? I'm planning on leaving in the wee hours of the 12th. I would prefer to get through the Mojave Desert before it starts getting too hot. Then again I have a husband that likes to travel in the middle of the night to avoid hot altogether. What are your thoughts? I'm flexable, since I have all week off.

    We could take it a bit farther by possibly meeting up with more in Barstow, Vegas, Saint George, or even the 15/70 interchange.

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    Re: Pilgramage

    Originally posted by SPAZZ

    It's been a while since I saw an acronym and didn't know what it meant.
    For the others like me who had no idea what this meant:

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