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Thread: ATV day FRIDAY May 20th - changed!

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    ATV day FRIDAY May 20th - changed!

    Hopefully more can rent this day - Tom has a trail he wants to do and we just noticed that Elephant Hill is on Thur which was the first trail many of the VXes ever went on. Rates for rental are $125-$165 (depending on speed) for the entire day which includes a trailer (thanks Jay for towing them to the trails) and helmets. We can get 500cc switchable 4WD units like last year for $165 or 350cc ones that are lighter and more manueverable for $125 (both prices discounted if we get more than 3 to rent)

    Sorry for the confusion but the fun will erase all that. Please indicate if you can do Fri so we can book the ATVs accordingly. See ya in Moab!
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    I too want to do Elephant Hill... Ahhhh the first time! What memories!
    Scott /

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    Anyone else? I need to give them a number to hold for us.

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