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Thread: headlight replacement question

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    Quote Originally Posted by CowboyErik View Post
    Thanks for the reply Ron, I had to release the clip to get the bulb out, so now I'm trying to get that clip back on to hold new bulb in place, I am hoping the driver's side comes off easier so I can pull the boot off and see clip in place. I should have taken a picture before I unscrewed it but the boot would have made that useless I think, if only the electrical connector to the bulb would have released first............. ! back at it shortly!
    After you remove the rubber boot, I believe you can just remove the electrical connector by squeezing the sides and pull back. I'm pretty sure you have to squeeze real tight to release the connector lock. When you re-plug the connector, there should be a 'click' sound which means the connector is engaged.

    If you want a real good luck at the driver's side, removing the air box will help get a better visual. A few bolts and the box is removed. Study the orientation and placement of the clip in relation to the housing and it'll make sense.
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    Replacing the headlight bulbs in the VX is definitely a tough, cramped job. I believe that you can pull the rubber boot off of the headlight housing to better see the electrical connection. The electrical connections, at least for mine, were always hard to get to and there really isn't enough room in there to get good leverage on the tabs that you need to squeeze in order to pull the connector off the back of the bulb. Like Ron said, removing the air box on the driver's side will give you plenty of room allowing you to actually get your head in there to see what you are doing.

    As for the little bulb retaining clip; I can't remember exactly how it holds the bulb in. I THINK you have to squeeze it in, shift it forward a little to clear the retaining tab, and then swing it out of the way. I might have a diagram at home that shows what to do. I'll try and hunt it down for you.

    When you put the new bulbs in I would suggest adding some dielectric grease to the bulb posts and "plug" to make removing them in the future a little easier.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JAMAS View Post
    Any luck DeanMan?
    Oops, Yes haha here it is July 2022 and I'm revisiting this thread to replace the bulbs again and trade out a damaged headlight frame from my original VX to the 'new' one (which is identical)

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