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Thread: 4+ trail at 'ZuZoo

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    4+ trail at 'ZuZoo

    I have a draft list of the trails and once they have been confirmed they should be up on the 'ZuZoo site for registration.

    I don't dare post it but what we need to decide is if we are going to a 4+ trail with the group or on our own. I personally would like it to be Moab Rim. “ZuZoo is only running this on Saturday. We could just do it as afternoon run to the cliff edge and back and skip the rest of the trail.

    Looks like I am leading Elephant Hill on Thursday so if you want to come sign up quickly as there is a 15 vehicle limit.

    We are off to Easter Jeep Safari this weekend and will be in Moab for the next 10 days or so. Eat your hearts out. See you in May.


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    Hey Todd. I wanted to say thanks for letting me ride along with you on the trails and letting me snap some great photos of your rides. I look forward to doing it again. Im am working on a video in my Digital Video Editing class that will top Vlad's. Hopefully eveeryne will like it. If you have some photo's of your car or someone elses that you would like in it please send them. My outside E-Mail is I look forward to heading back from you.



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