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Thread: adjusting the valve clearance.

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    adjusting the valve clearance.

    Hey tone. i hope this message gets to you. I currently live in san diego
    california. I recently took my vx to an Isuzu dealership servicing center
    to have some scheduled maintainance done via ownersmanual says every
    60,000 miles adjust valve clearance. I don't know how to do the work myself and i can't find a hayes, or chiltons manual. But, anyway their trying to tell me that it's a deep engine knock,and their also trying to say i need a new engine that will run me 7300.00 sum dollars. I think it may be the lifter. the chattering is coming from the upper left. what do you think it may be, and do you know any place i can go to get this fixed, and fixed right.

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    Valves should be adjusted at 60K but I have never done it and the Workshop CD does not describe it. A deep engine knock is bad and may indeed indicate a failing engine (spun rod bearing is most often the cause) and should run more like $5K. If it is indeed upper engine, any certified shop should be able to diagnose and repair properly.

    I will be in LA Mar 2-5th if you would like me to take a look at it.

    BTW, my email address is visible if anyone ever wants to contact me directly...

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    There's a couple different places that the valve clearance adjustment procedure might be found. I'll take a looksee through the full tech library tomorrow if I get a chance.
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    How much should a valve adjustment job cost? I have 106K miles, I doubt they were ever adjusted, my millage performance is lower than spec but the engine runs strong, it's a mean Vehicross, and I love it. The gasket kit with gromets and spark plugs seals are about $70 online, about half factory or autozone type pricing; how much should labor cost for this job? How much does Isuzu dealer charge? Anybody know? THANKS!! Erik

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    This is an Isuzu tech video on adjusting the valves on our engine. It's small and a bit rough, but you'll get the idea.

    7:11, 14.1 mb, 320x240, wmv file-

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    Quote Originally Posted by deermagnet View Post
    This is an Isuzu tech video on adjusting the valves on our engine. It's small and a bit rough, but you'll get the idea.

    7:11, 14.1 mb, 320x240, wmv file-

    Mark, I don't know where you come up with these vids (is that you in the starring role? ), but they are of tremendous value to this community & I would just like to say Thank You!
    Also, I'd like to ask Moncha to include this one in the "how to" section along with the timing belt trilogy.

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    The link to that video doesn't work anymore. Where'd it go? I need it.

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