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Thread: My Last Post - Maybe?

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    Wow! Great story and glad to hear you are back (at least temporarily) to the insanity.
    There's no 'I' in denial.

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    Welcome back. Is she interested in mods or just keeping it stock

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    Quote Originally Posted by CatFish View Post
    Welcome back. Is she interested in mods or just keeping it stock
    For now, other than the bigger tires, stock. It needs some TLC and a new nose cladding due to a small accident.
    I plan to change all fluids, look at the (hopefully just loose) heater fan/motor. Vibrates badly on high. Rear door
    lever broke, so I removed it. At least the door opens all the way now, just have to be careful not to let it fly open
    all the way. Headlights need serious buffing or replaced if I can't get them clear. Needs new shock and the AC fan
    was shot and she removed it, so looking for a replacement fan.
    That's all for now.

    Always a kid at heart!

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    That is an interesting story. I happen to have bought crager34's VX. It is a 2000 and is Silver with the grey black interior. I am putting a motor in it currently for the second time. I bought it from him after it developed a rod knock,and had it shipped from Wisconsin where he moved after living in Moab. I'm taking it to Moab in May. Good luck with your daughters VX, and welcome back.

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