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Thread: RPM to high at idle

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    RPM to high at idle

    My VX is going a little sparatic on me lately. sometimes but not all of the time when I come to a stop the RPMS shoot up to around 1500 - 2000. Other times it stays around 750-900 where it's supposed to be.

    I've had a mechanic check it out and he can't find the problem.
    I do have a vent celinoid that need replaced according to my check engine light code. Could this be my problem?

    I did noticed when I put some of that carb cleaner in the tank it goes away for a few days. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You may have done this already, but there are a few suggestions found on this thread - everything from a vacuum leak, the MAF, the PCV, etc...

    idle thread
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    This seems to be an issue with the 3.5L engine across the board. My '01 VX and my finacee's '01 Trooper do the exact same high-idle thing, but my '99 VX doesn't. I'm leaning towards a sensor issue, but it just hasn't been annoying enough yet to do anything about.
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    One common item, that has caused this from day one, is the intake gaskets being cracked.
    Do a search as there were several ways posted to verify if the gaskets were good or cracked.
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    I'm kinda thinking the same thing. I had a dealer order me one and I'm going to pick it up next week. It did trigger the check engine light.

    Funny thing about this. The closest dealership to me is about 100 miles so just for curiosity sake I took it to a local mechanic who hooked it up to the machine. The read out did say the same thing.
    However, when he reconnected the battery, the light went out. I didn't have the problem again until yesterday when the light came back on.

    Anyway, I gonna put the part in and see if takes care of my problem.

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    I don't know where diamond city is but here in Cali I upgraded my AAA (tow roadside service) for 20$ and now can get towed anywhere with 100 miles no problem. Another 20 makes it 400 If you have a PO 301 code of a something like that and your check engine light is flashing don't drive it...Hope that helps. Good luck
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    To check for a intake leak: spray the gasket area with some brake cleaner whilst the engine is running.
    If the engine picks up it's def the gasket.
    I would advise you not to drive the car much longer if this is the case, cause poor mixture leads to engine damage.

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