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Thread: Paint Cladding

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    Paint Cladding

    I was wondering if anyone out there has painted their cladding. I was thinking about having my cladding painted dark gray on my 2001 ebony. Any good or bad stories? Is it do-able? Thanks


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    Yeah it's been done, you should be able to find some pics if you search the gallery. Might I also suggest having the cladding sprayed with Line-X instead. It'll be more durrable and I'm sure they can do the color you want.

    p.s. - make sure you do the hood insert too.

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    I have.

    I used a sander and scuffed up all cladding.
    Next I used spray on Bedliner.
    Next I found a two tone changing paint that is a base coat, mid coat, and top coat. The colors are Purple and Green. So, one angle makes it Green and change angle and lighting and it is Purple.

    Much better looking than stock "CLADDING"

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