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Thread: Sun Roof

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    Sun Roof

    Has anyone had an aftermarket sun roof installed on their VX? I don't have one but I'm hesitant to have it installed unless I get some positive feedback. Thanks!!!
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    Here you go...

    There have been MANY of us with sunroof's installed... well, mine actually came installed when I bought it, but SOMEONE did it!!

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    mine also came with a sunroof, i know theres been some concern over loss of headroom and leakage possibilities, clogged or incorrectly installed drain sunroof is by asc of NY (not sure if thats the manufacturer or installer) but its an external slider so theres no loss of headroom and no inside rails for leakage issues. when closed it fits flush, when open it slides back and angles up like a roof spoiler, also has a vent position, its all electric and has an inside sliding cover matched to the headlining .

    I use it all the time, never use the windows!


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