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Thread: Moab Wrap Up / Pics

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    I must say those who haven't been to Moab, don't have any idea what they are missing. Events like this are one of the reasons for owning a VX. It was great to meet everybody. I was extremely impressed with the VX's off-road capabilities. I am looking forward to going again next year. My thanks to everyone there, but especially to Tone for giving me his custom skid plate off his own rig. It definitely came in handy during Saturday's run. I'll post some of my pics when I figure out how to reduce the resolution.

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    Simply awesome guys!

    Were I 2000 miles further west, I still don't think I would have the balls to run my VX through that. It's bad enough it gets dirty when it rains.

    Kudos kids! You take care of the offroad genre.... I'll make sure we still rule the highways!
    Gary Noonan
    '01 S/C VX / '18 Forester XT

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