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Thread: Calender UPDATE!!!!!

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    Unhappy Calender UPDATE!!!!!

    1st Off I would like to thank all you people for give me all the help in making this dream come true.
    Sorry that I haven't been on-line to fill you in the recent events about the CALENDER. 1st My Brother-in-Law had a death in his family which will be holding up the calender for awhile and then to make matters worse I had a death in my family. My sister past away so I will hold off finishing the rest of the work till I settle some of her persona; affairs. As soon as that is done I will diffently finish all the work and post all information about the Calender. Thanx for understanding and I am deeply sorry for the delays.

    Tony "TDAWG" Rodriguez
    99 Astral Silver 0889

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    Very sorry to hear about your woes.
    Take care and God bless you.


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