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Thread: Anyone from Fl going to Moab?

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    Lightbulb Anyone from Fl going to Moab?

    Frank has called me several times to let me know he is coming to Moab this year but he would like to drive up with any others making the trek. Joe black, he has left a few messages for you but has not heard back. Anyone else making the trip from that part of the US and want his number (he has no ínet), email me and I'll send it to you.

    Frank and his wife were very cool last year, being in town on vacation and as we passed them heading to a trail, one of us turned around and talked them into coming with us - they have been hooked ever since!

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    Thanks Tone, just got Frank's message but a bit late to call. Unfortunately I'll have to tell I'm passing this year. But next year is a definite!!!
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