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Thread: Introduce yourself here!

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    Congrats on the Vx acquisition

    Depends I guess what you mean by "mods"

    There are a few basic mods that are pretty easy to do..given a smidge of mechanical prowess
    Lifting/bigger tires is a favorite...
    Either bigger tires with no lift and VERY minor front cladding trim......
    ....or even bigger tires with a basic 1.5 inch lift and a bit more trimming , are both very popular..
    ....and easily achieved "in the driveway" on a Sat afternoon.
    Any higher and diff drops and CV issues start to rear their ugly head.

    Best to start a thread here ...or over at the FB VX page for faster response, plenty of LONG time knowledge over there too.....
    ....and let us know what you are thinking reletive to "mods"

    As Earl said..use search here and at FB page...maybe start here by looking at a great Lifting thread ..
    ... put "913 experiment" into search.

    Absolutely the best $20 you'll spend per year on your VX.

    ~ ~ > OFF ROAD WHORE <~ ~

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    Hi everyone! My name is Kev and I picked up my Ironman edition Vehicross almost 7 years ago when I was 15 with 99,000 miles. It didn't run but my father and I took it on as a fun rebuild project. Now 40,000 later I can say, I have been on so many insane adventures in my VX and am forever grateful to have it as my first car. His name is Douglas.

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    First VX, have some questions

    Hi everyone. Excited to finally own my very first VX. I've been looking for one on and off again for the last 6 years, and finally found one that was in my price range and condition I was looking for. The car ran great when I picked it up apart from a fairly heavy fuel smell coming from the engine bay (could not see any obvious leaks anywhere). Before bringing it into a shop I decided to replace the FPR, EGR gasket, and Injectors in that order (one at a time). The car ran fine after replacing the first two, but after replacing the injectors the car would stall after turning it on and letting it reach idle (it has no problems starting). I also noticed that the injector for cylinder 6 looked like it was flooding from the bottom of the injector, (where the injector meets the head). I replaced that injector but it would still flood once the car got to idle after startup. Also the fuel smell was still present. Out of options I towed the car to AAA to see if they could resolve the both the fuel smell and the stalling at idle issue. After a couple of days it looks like they found the source of the fuel smell, it was the fuel line running from the FPR that had a leak. They ended up replacing both the fuel line and the intake manifold gasket. However the stalling issue still persists. They then told me it was most likely either a bad fuel filter or fuel pump. I thought this was strange as the car ran fine before I started fiddling with the injectors, however as the car still could not run I told them to proceed with the fuel filter and fuel pump replacement. After trying 4 different fuel pumps, they called back to tell me that the VX needs 48-55 fuel pressure and that non of the 4 fuel pump they tried could produce anything above a 40 PSI. So they told me that the reason the car is starting but stalling is that its not getting enough fuel pressure.

    Sorry for the long explanation but I tried to be as thorough as I could without writing a book haha. If any of the members here could lead me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated because I am out of ideas, as AAA told me that they can't continue working on the car until I bring them a fuel pump that pushes out at 48-55 PSI.

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