Congrats on the Vx acquisition

Depends I guess what you mean by "mods"

There are a few basic mods that are pretty easy to do..given a smidge of mechanical prowess
Lifting/bigger tires is a favorite...
Either bigger tires with no lift and VERY minor front cladding trim......
....or even bigger tires with a basic 1.5 inch lift and a bit more trimming , are both very popular..
....and easily achieved "in the driveway" on a Sat afternoon.
Any higher and diff drops and CV issues start to rear their ugly head.

Best to start a thread here ...or over at the FB VX page for faster response, plenty of LONG time knowledge over there too.....
....and let us know what you are thinking reletive to "mods"

As Earl said..use search here and at FB page...maybe start here by looking at a great Lifting thread ..
... put "913 experiment" into search.