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Thread: Nerf bars/step bars

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    Nerf bars/step bars

    Hey all, Don't scream =) I know there have been many posts but I can't seem to find what I am looking for.

    I want the Chrome look/stainless step bars however I would like to find them a little cheaper then on Tone's site. This way I can spend more money on other stuff he has available.

    Do we have another supplier/vendor that sells these for a bit cheaper? I have looked a bit but haven't found another option.

    What if I tried this ????

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    See, there was never a set of Nerf bars made for our Vehicle. So, Tone (VX God) fabricated brackets in order to make the one he sells em work. With Tone's You have a choice of bolting them on or Welding. George/nyc #1 ironman and a few others used a different Bar but it had to be welded on.

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    Don't know if he still does this, but contact him and see if he does multiple purchase discounts.

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    Lightbulb Hey Bantan and George

    George/nyc #1 ironman and a few others used a different Bar but it had to be welded on.

    Hey batan what kinds of nerf Bars did geogre used on his VX Let Me Know ASAP throw my email at

    VXKING84@AOL.COM Or Cell Phone Number 609-502-5487

    One more thing my VX is all done for exterior, will be posting in a few days

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