So had the initial repair done and in less than 24 hours the bracket broke again and this time took out the fan and radiator. Not sure what happened but will be replacing the fan with an electric to remove that projectile from the mix.

Have all the parts except for the mounting hardware for the bracket. I lost a spacer taking it apart myself (why I usually don't), but was able to get the new Radiator put in and am looking for the mounting hardware. The bolt that has the spacer on it is twisted and bent so I won't be using it.

Found two 3.5 liter Isuzu motors within driving distance and may buy one of them just in case. Waiting on photos to make sure the parts I HAVE TO HAVE are still in place.

Wish me luck.

I've started on FB again for a couple groups including the VX. They have been nice, but I still get on there longer than I want. I've limited it to a computer that I have to do significant changes to and cannot do it between 6am and 4pm Monday to Friday. I will not change that and in the winter I won't have access to that computer at all.