Stopped to get groceries last night and when I backed out of my parking spot it felt like I had no "Power Steering" I had just refilled the reservoir earlier in the day and yes I have the dreaded power steering leak. Was headed to the shop and noticed the battery indicator was lit up, figured I'd broken the Serpentine belt and sure enough when I opened the hood the belt was missing. It was still early enough to order a new belt for early morning delivery and when I arrived this morning the belt was sitting on the desk. Grabbed it ready to install and get on with my day when I noticed some shiny metal at the front of the engine behind the fan. Apparently the water pump gave out, broke some things but did not spring a leak.

Has anyone replaced the pump. Do I need to consider replacing the timing belt when I'm in the area (motor has almost 200,000 miles on it.) and any thing else?

I had planned on removing all the front body from bumper to doors to find all the oil leaks, fix if feasible, hopefully find the spot where they forgot to put in sealant to prevent further leaking onto the passenger floorboard and replace all the vacuum lines and maybe radiator and heater hoses. (Radiator was changed in 2012 when I purchased it.)

Here I was just getting used to driving it again.