Hello I was wanting to setup a new flooring company, from my experience so far working on commercial sites, the subies were never allowed to fit it. The main contactor always took in a flooring company to supply and fit. I think it was becasue the flooring company gives a guarantee on the flooring, something which the main contactor wouldnt want to do. So i have done alot of hardwood, laminate , engineered floors for residental customers and i do enjoy the work, i mean its immediate impact and totally tansforms the look of the room industrial flooring Raleigh. I think i would like to run a floring comapny and hopefully be able to at least tender for commercial contracts. I'm in the middle of setting up a website.... got a portfolio pics / videos and stuff, online quote form ( you know you love it! ) and its really coming on! I know perhaps because its a recession and there is a major lack of commercial sites just now, so im not too sure about starting it at this moment in time, altough it gives me time to setup everything.... I was thinking about just going for it, meet the main guys at the large construction firms, introduce myself and see if i can get the oportunity to work with them, just grab the bull by the horns and go for it! I'd like to hear anyone else story on how they got into the commercial side of things... any tips and advice, its all appreciated! Thanks guys