I'm still relatively new to medical usage and I have some questions about etiquette and legality. Where to vape? Obviously - outside, as I rent. But is it appropriate to do so on my back deck when I have upstairs neighbors? Do I have to take a walk every time I want to vape? I smoke mainly to help me sleep and as a woman I'm not really comfortable going for late night walks to vape. I live in a small apartment complex, next to another small apartment complex and we all sort of share a garden - would it be inappropriate to vape there where they can (potentially) see me? My apartment contract has a no smoking clause. But I don't smoke, and I don't vape inside. But for example if a neighbor complained about any odor from me vaping outside (which has never happened), would that be grounds for eviction or am I protected because I vape outdoors, on a medical prescription etiquette and protocol certification? Vestibule/mud room? I have a vestibule that has some large windows - that's closed off to the rest of the house. I know it's inside but if I were to use a smoke buddy and vape in there instead, and crack a window afterwards - would that work to reduce any odor that might carry to my neighbors? I'm iffy on doing this as it's indoors - but it's looking appealing due to all this wet weather and coming into winter - however I don't want to risk it if there's a chance of the odor "settling in", or making the odor linger in a way that will upset my neighbors (again they've never complained but I'm trying to be proactive here). Sorry if all of these questions are basic 😅