My new garage is almost done and I want the brand new concrete floor coated before either of the following occurs: a)winter arrives or b) I have to change oil/tranny fluid/hydro fluid/etc and do an Exon Valdez all over the floor. No, I’m not going to hire it done. Got bids already, lowest is about $3 billion and would require a new mortgage. Oh, and as a plus, the earliest anyone can do it is December/January so that’s a no it’s a DIY or bust. For background, the garage is 24×30. I do a lot of mechanical stuff, outboards, small engines, ag equipment, aircraft engines (non-turbine only now due to neighborhood Karen’s constant b!tching about test-runs) , etc. Lots of fluid spills and inevitable. Interested in hearing from those of you who have done it yourself. What product did you use and how is it holding up? I did the Rustoleum stuff on my parent’s last 2 garage floors charlotte. I would not have done that product, but that’s what dad wanted to do/pay for. My impressions are that it’s okay for the cost and if you don’t mind redoing parts of it every few years. I won’t be going with this for my garage. Have heard good things about Epoxy-Coat products. Anyone done this brand and how many mils did you do? Major concern with this one is how slippery is it when done? Other DIY products/systems you recommend? I gotta get on this quick-like. Thanks guys as usual for all the advice.