Be careful of hot tire pickup, especially with rear-engine cars / sticky tires. I Epoxied my garage floor @3 months ago - used a high-end product and prepped very well, allowing double drying/curing times. Recently started experiencing hot tire pickup - when it occurs, a piece of epoxy under a tire along with a gouge of the cement floor comes up. Now I have sections of garage floor cement damage epoxy garage floor gold coast. Epoxy mfg (Armorpoxy) says their product is not failing, the problem is with the strength of my garage floor. OK, but how the to eff can anyone know if they may experience this problem ahead of time! and my old/cheap home depot floor coating did not do this. So now I need to do repair work and find a solution (carpets under tires, race deck pads, etc) - which will detract from the overall look of my floor. If your garage floor cement is strong, you may not experience this issue - otherwise consider this possibility.