I don't really know how or where to start, and I really don't want to get into any details.

I'm way too emotional right now, and just want to plan ahead. All I can say is that I am 24f, live with my grandmother as her healthcare provider, and I don't want her in charge of my funeral. I want her and my bio family nowhere near me. I want my funeral to be closed-casket and private, ashes distributed between my friends only. I can send certain stuff through the post office right now here is the info, like books and things that I've saved for my close friends, but I want my dog to either go to my bf or best friend.

I just want help making a funeral plan and will and stuff so that my wishes aren't disrespected. I have no substantial amount of money right now though, so I'm holding out as long as I can. I just need advice to prepare. I'm just tired of not being listened to and want some way to solidify my last wishes.