Thought I would give you guys a chance at this before I go to the bigger sites... I am selling my beloved 1999 VX, have had it for 19 years and NEVER intended to sell it, but I have to go mobile and it won't tow the travel trailer. I am in Southern California. It is in great running condition, will need new tires, but could work a possible discount out of that as they are still under warranty and can get the prorate refund. Had Tranny Rebuild in 2021, Longblock replaced in 2010. It has a wrap that lasted years, but showing some wear now. Hood was done 10 years ago and the matte metallic gray was done in 2017. Has Tow hitch, some have towed boats and toys, but it is limited on the weight capacity. Has a Roof rack too. Fuel Injector, Badges, Fang covers, Manifold Plastic cover, etc.
One HUGE Pro is that I have EXEMPTION for the Catalytic convertor Could use 2014 Exemption Ref # 17,883 Have Walker # 81712 on that is allowed. Has California SMOG Cat Converter waiver tag on doorframe, so it has passed SMOG ever since I replaced the Cat.