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Thread: Ignition coil failure

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    Ignition coil failure

    For no particular reason I go to start the car and I have power but no ignition. After checking battery and everything I could I found no problems. Disgusted i shook the car like an angry Simian and then tried and it started, and so on. This happened again and I sat in the car rocking it while turning the key and it started. I saw a video on common car problem and he said that tapping on ignition coil/starter or shaking the car would make the brushes move and make contact thus starting the car.
    I'm not a mechanic so monkey jinks were tried and successful.

    I went to Autozone and they put a reader on it and got next to nothing in codes. However, talking with them they said the ignition coils are on each spark plug and don't need replaced. It sounds like the starter is the problem and it's failing to connect sometimes. So it looks like I need a starter. Going to research that now.

    Any help is appreciated.
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