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    Garage Door Opener Homelink

    Does anyone have knowledge of garage door openers? For about a month now my opener has been malfunctioning. When I push the button to close the door it starts to close, moves a foot or two, and then goes back up. Typically when this happens something has broken the sensor beam (that is near the floor) and it opens back up as a safety feature. When the beam has been broken the light on the opener will flash to let you know that the beam was broken. That (the flashing light) does not happen with this current problem (when I try to close it and it won't close). I've checked the chain and it seems to be unimpeded. I've lubed the chain as well garage door opener repair Virginia Beach VA. The opener is a Chamberlain Liftmaster Professional 1/3 house opener. Eventually, the door will close. Sometimes it closes on the first try, other times it takes 2 attempts and sometimes it takes 4 attempts to close the door. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    There are adjustments for closing and opening FORCE, as well as closing distance.

    I found this video that should explain how to adjust.

    I've done mine, but I didn't have this particular issue. I had one that seemed to push too hard when closing. I think the other needs to close harder, because I have water getting in under the seal.
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