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Thread: Help PLEASE!!! Windshield Needed!

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    Help PLEASE!!! Windshield Needed!

    Hey folks!
    Been a while. Life's been interesting, yes?
    Still have my 2000 Proton VX from 2004 + runs well (after replacing the engine ~6yrs ago). To the point though, I'm in need of a windshield as crack developed across entire windshield literally overnight. I was very excited after making a round of unsuccessful calls to local shops + found online that Safelite could replace it + scheduled it!😸

    Got a call from Safelite this AM saying, they were cancelling my appt because they no longer made or sold them as of last year. Nor could they find 1 from any other supplier. πŸ˜–πŸ˜©πŸ˜’ They suggested I find an Isuzu workshop. πŸ™„

    I am going to start the rounds of salvage yards now. If anyone has any info where I may locate one (preferably in CA), it would be most appreciated!!!

    Stay safe, All!!!

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    I replaced mine a few years ago from Novus. If you have them in your area you could give them a call.

    Also on the Facebook group you can post your need and someone can surely help you.

    A few good guys over there that part out VXs in their areas.
    Live, Love, Forgive and Never Give Up

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