Ladies and gentlemen, I am selling my 1999 VehiCross. Recent purchase of a Land Cruiser (LX470) and limited space forces this decision.
I purchased this car from a forum member here in 2012 and have been a member ever since. You'll find that I've posted very little except to buy a few things from others. I have visited this forum almost daily since just to keep up and stay informed.
I'm asking for your help to spread the word among other VXers as I do not participate in Facebook etc. I will happily respond to any information requests, and communicate via phone,text, email or here with whatever info you need to decide if you want it or to let others know. I firmly believe that someone within our community will see the value in this car (and many included extras) much better than on e-bay which is where it will end up if this doesn't pan out.
The car is a 1999 Ebony with 46,000 miles of on road use only as far as I know. It does have some rust underneath, should be just fine if you plan to use it, but it is not really a candidate for the chassis cam at Barrett-Jackson.
Comes with 5 OE chrome wheels mounted with matching Firestone Destination A/t tires 265-70-16 with less than 3000 miles on them, plus 4 Trooper wheels (same except not chrome)mounted with Firestone Winterforce Studded snow tires, of course the stock unused spare is still in the back door. So that's 10 wheels with good tires! Weathertech vent shades, unscratched Rocky Road sliders, Rancho shocks, Indy 4X4 HD Tie rod ends, Dash Mat dash cover (dash is not damaged) and more new uninstalled parts that I've gathered over the years.
Lets talk it over, I'll cooperate with any inspection requests or info requests to make your decision easier.
I think it is well worth the $8500 that I'm asking. Thanks for your help, Rob.