Anyone service or replace their steering "idler arm"? It's the slave component opposite the steering gear on the opposite (passenger) side. My steering has an occasional "moan" which seems to be coming from the idler arm. When turning the wheel, it doesn't feel "smooth" it's dry.

FWIW, I see them listed on RockAuto.,7328 Oddly enough, this one says is doesn't include the "damper bracket". The "bracket" LOOKS to be the same part! LOL

I don't understand. Isn't the mounting bracket 1-pc -- welded onto the rotating shaft? IOW, what's shown in the part pic?

Any enlightenment would be appreciated. Part options, lubrication possibility, ease to replace -- if that's my only option, etc... Thx!

(Though it probably takes some torque to r/r (e.g., Long breaker wrenches), it doesn't seem like it would be terribly hard to replace?