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Thread: 99 white vx axiom swapped

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    99 white vx axiom swapped

    Located in East Bay in California

    Unfortunately I sold the hitchgate tire carrier. I still have the 5th spare.

    I also have a completely unused set of super sliders w/hardware and a rear diff guard from rocky road outfitters.

    The vx has 173K on it. At 161K the lower radiator hose cracked and i lost all the coolant. By the time I noticed the engine temp. It was too late. So I bought an engine out of a 2002 axiom from LKQ with 97K on it. So that puts the engine at about 110K miles now. I have the receipt from LKQ as well as from the mechanic who did the swap.

    The TOD works great.
    The window brackets have been replaced with the stronger ones.
    Running 285/75/16s They're basically brand new.

    It is in no means in perfect condition, it's a bit beat up. But its been a great vehicle since the axiom swap.

    We're buying a camper trailer and I've got to make space.

    $4500 with the rock sliders and diff guard.
    Not sure about roof rack at the moment. But it does have OEM roof rails that will definitely stay with it.

    Call or text if you're interested two oh nine-612-5368

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    Rock sliders still available if anyone is interested

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