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Thread: Spare tire carrier, what worked for me.

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    Spare tire carrier, what worked for me.

    I've been meaning to post on here for a long time and never got around to figuring out how to get pictures on here. I've finally uploaded a few pics to my album. So here goes.

    I'm unfortunately selling my vx and wanted to post pics of the wilco hitchgate tire carrier on mine before it was too late. We all know the struggles of mounting a full size spare on the vx and while it might not be for everyone, I found this to be a great way to mount mine!! I had a 285/75/16 mounted on it.

    Unfortunately I sold the hitchgate tire carrier yesterday for those interested.

    Off topic: I also have a completely unused set of super sliders w/hardware and a rear diff guard from rocky road outfitters if anyone is interested. I'm located in california in the East Bay if you happen to be interested on those or the vx.

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    Only a month late but...
    This site was incredibly active 10 years ago. It has completely dried up and all the activity has moved to FB. I assume you've already found it but if you haven't that is where to go. It's too bad, this was THE place for VX's back a while.
    There's no 'I' in denial.

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    Hey Bart...hope all is well for you. Good to see you checking things out over here once in a while...

    I hit this up about twice a week to give those FB directions as well.
    Live, Love, Forgive and Never Give Up

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