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Thread: Rear Differential Help Please

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    Rear Differential Help Please

    hi everyone-

    I am looking for some help with my rear differential. It looks like the bolts holding the ring and pinion came loose, and I need a new ring and pinion as a result. I found NOS on, but they are pricey. Anyone have a line on anyone else who has them?

    Also, my mechanic is having a hard time finding a differential rebuild kit. He seems to think that the kits that he has found online have the wrong crush sleeve.

    I looked on Rock Auto, and the kit on there, DRK320, my guy claims is not the right kit for a 2001; specifically, the crush sleeve is the wrong one. Can anyone confirm that?
    To add to the confusion, there are 2 kits for 2001:
    Rear; 7.63 in. Ring Gear - 1st Design - 1.5 in. Seal I.D.
    Rear; 7.63 in. Ring Gear - 2nd Design - 1.69 in. Seal I.D. (this is also out of stock)

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

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    So the ring an pinion on would need to come from Japan. So that is out. I have sourced another one in the states. My questions still stand about the crush sleeves.

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    Measure the diameter of your pinion shaft? That should tell you the right seal and kit to use if they changed the diameter of pinion?

    Anyone else agree?

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