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Thread: Convert to VW TDI and 5 speed?

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    Wrench Convert to VW TDI and 5 speed?

    Jeep ax15 bellhousing on Isuzu ar5?

    I'm wanting to convert my Isuzu to a VW TDI. There are no adapters available to mate the GM 60 degree v6 (Isuzu 3.2/3.5) to the TDI, but there are adapters for the Jeep 4.0l. Since the Isuzu ar5 is the same basic transmission as the Jeep ax15, can I swap the bellhousing and just use the Jeep pressure plate with an Isuzu clutch disk or do I need to change the ar5 input shaft to the Jeep part? I understand that I will need to take the slave cylinder into consideration, but I'm wanting verification that my idea for the bellhousing is workable.

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    I can't help you with your questions but the Facebook group has a guy in CO that doing this swap as well.
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