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Thread: Long Block install tips

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    Long Block install tips

    My VX had the motor go out quite some time ago. Honestly Ive been married 2 years and it hasn't been run since before then's been a minute. With all of that being said, I did purchase a reman long block that is being installed in the next couple weeks. I have already purchased a new set of reman injectors, EGR, PCV, plugs and battery. What are some other items that I should consider since it has sat up for so long? I know the fuel system will be flushed because the fuel is probably shot(hence the new injectors). I also plan to service the transmission and differential, but I was hoping some of y'all could give me some other ideas that I may not have though about. Thanks in advance. Denny
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    Hey Denny...not a lot of traffic on this site any longer...if you're on Facebook join the group over there as well.

    A few things to consider:

    Flush the brake and power steering fluids
    How are your tires for dry rot and date of manufacture code
    If you're reusing the top end clean the EGR system well - especially the tube that runs under the intake
    New thermostat
    There are some rubber fuel line hoses on the back side of the intake - replace those with new fuel line
    Transmission cooler lines that run from the hard line to the radiator cooling area should be replaced
    Make sure when they service the transmission they follow the Isuzu shop manual for the proper refilling - it's different than most vehicles

    Hope all goes well for your rebuild.
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    Thanks for the tips. I'll contact the shop in the morning on all of the above.

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