Former Forum member. Gave my 2001 Isuzu Vehicross Ironman (White) to my son on his 16th birthday in 2010. He drove it through High School (Tomball, TX) then College (Lubbock, TX). A week before graduating college in 2016 he met a man who was enthusiastic about the VX and happened to have a 16 year old daughter looking for a perfect first vehicle. My son sold his VX and the young lady in Fort Worth, TX was very excited to have it. Last weekend, I cleaned out my attic in Paducah, KY and found some of VX's original equipment which I have no need for.

I'm willing to do my part in donating all of this stuff to someone who can use it. If you are restoring a VX or need spares, I have the following stuff:

4 original rims - wheels were replaced by my son...I kept the originals
1 rear cargo/door cover - son had custom plastic door with speakers made...I kept the original
1 spare tire - see above
4 floor mats - he replaced...I kept the originals

If you are in the Heartland area I'm 2.5hrs from St. Louis & 2hrs from Nashville. I could meet someone but really don't want to pay expense of shipping.

If interested contact me @: or cell# 832.754.8957