Come to Silverton and join us for some epic scenery and awesome trails in this amazing place. If you are interested in a 4x4 destination that is It is different than Moab and also has more trails than you can do in a week, some trails are very challenging and some just beautiful on a grand scale.

Video from last year

Houses for rent:
Camping:,+640+Miner al+St,+Silverton,+CO+81433&ludocid=159159201130163 70139#lrd=0x873ee7fe442f32c7:0xdce0b50441d5f3db,1,+6 64+Greene+St,+Silverton,+CO+81433&ludocid=16445460 452059781396#lrd=0x873ee7fff27d608b:0xe43a03263cc2 1914,1
There is also primitive camping nearby but you need to look around or check with the forest service for info on camping.
The town is very small so anywhere you lodge in town is a 5 min walk to Green Street (Main Street)